You can change the audio settings on Vizio soundbars to get better sound. You can change the settings on the Vizio soundbar equalizer to make the sound fit your tastes.

Your choice can be affected by music, movies, and how you like sounds. Some people like sounds with a lot of bass, while others like sounds that are very clear and have little or no bass.

Here, you’ll find some tips that will help you make your Vizio soundbar sound better.

What are equalizer settings?

The equalizer lets you change how much treble and bass you hear. You can use these settings to improve sound based on what you like or what your media needs. If you change the settings on the equalizer, your soundbar will play perfectly, with the best sound.

You can change the equalizer settings on soundbars made today.

Several apps on our phones can help us figure out what the best levels are for our space. Since sound is sometimes a matter of taste, you can change the settings by ear if you want to. Using your user manual will help you set up your Soundbar quickly and easily.

Equalizer Settings on Vizio soundbar

With the Vizio Soundbar, you can enjoy your favorite media in a great way. You can make the sound fit your tastes, whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music, or watching sports. Use the preset EQ mode to make the sound work best for the content you’re playing.

To change the equalizer settings, press the EQ button on the remote and then choose a preset or set a custom setting. You can also change certain sounds, like music and dialogue, with these settings.

Equalizer Settings step by step

The graphic Equalizer has a few modes that are already set up, but you can change them.

To create a custom mode.

Here’s how to choose an audio mode that’s already been set:

1.Press MENU on the remote. The screen will show a menu.

2.Use the arrow buttons on the remote to select Audio and Video.

Select OK. The AUDIO menu will show up.

3.Click OK after using the Arrow keys to select Equalizer.

An equalizer settings screen and an Audio Mode screen appear.

4.To choose a sound mode, click the Left Arrow button and the Right Arrow button. The equalizer bars change to match.

5.Select EXIT on your remote.

Here are some tips to improve and equalize your soundbar settings

Soundbar Dimensions

If you haven’t already, buy a large sound bar. It should be able to make a bass-heavy sound that fills the room. If you already have a soundbar, you can follow these steps.

Turn OFF TV’s Speakers

If your Vizio soundbar is playing audio, you don’t need TV speakers. Since you already have surround sound, you won’t like it if the TV also plays sound.

A surround sound system

Even though soundbars can’t really make surround sound, this feature makes the sound much better. However, not everyone might like it.

You can turn on the effect and turn it off if it makes the sound worse. But most people like the effect of surround sound and keep it on all the time.

The best input option

It might seem obvious to use RCA or Aux cables, but these cables are old and can’t deliver good sound. Use HDMI, Optical, or Bluetooth instead.

Equalization of sound

Should also change the settings on the Equalizer to change the bass and treble. Equalizers let you tweak the sound to suit your tastes. You can turn up the treble to make the dialogue clearer. When you want a heavy sound, like music, you can turn up the bass. It’s best to keep the treble volume high when watching dramas or other shows where it’s important to hear the dialogue clearly. Your Soundbar’s user manual will tell you how to change the Equalizer settings.


We tried to give you a good idea of how to use the equalizer on a Vizio soundbar to get better sound quality. Try the suggestions above from our audio team to get the most out of your Vizio soundbar. You can be sure that these settings will make your Vizio soundbar give you the best sound quality. You can get good sound with subwoofers, EQs, and even surround sound.

Questions that are often asked

How do I make my Vizio soundbar sound the best?

Put your TV’s built-in speakers on mute or turn them off to let the Soundbar’s quality shine. Use HDMI (ARC) or other high-quality cables to send audio signals to your Soundbar. If you can, change your equalizer settings to make your Soundbar work best with your audio source.

What is the Vizio TruVolume sound bar?

SRS TruVolume gets rid of annoying volume changes during TV broadcasts by giving you an advanced, smart way to control the volume. TruVolume was made by SRS. It uses psychoacoustics to measure, analyze, and control the levels of volume.

What is a Vizio soundbar dialogue?

There is a function for pre-set dialogue. You can change the bass and the subwoofer. On the Equalizer, there are also three more presets. The same thing happened with the conversation.