No Video on Your Xbox? – How to Fix Xbox 360 No Video Problem


So, you would like to play and enjoy your Xbox 360 but, you are getting no video whatsoever. Was there something wrong? If so, then I’ll tell you exactly what happened. Your Xbox 360 screen goes all black with no video. Well, I’m glad to say that you’re not the only one who is experiencing this problem. There are many gamers who face the same problem and the worst part is they don’t know what to do. Let me begin by telling you exactly what you should do.

First, try saving your game.

Try doing this first because it might solve your problem. Remember, sometimes an error like no video will be due to a brief glitch in the systems video. Perhaps it is as a result of a incorrectly inserted disk or there could be a scratch in the disk. However, most of the time this will not be the cause of the problem.

If saving doesn’t work then disconnect your cables and then unplug your Xbox. Then, allowing a short time for the system to cool off, connect your cables to the TV and then plug your Xbox back into the AC adapter. If you still are experiencing no video, then you should think about getting the cable and plugging it into the outlet. This would mean that you failed to rescue the system from any staged video equipment.

If this does not work, well, then it is very possible that the problem is a little bit deeper. It could be that the video Stockpile Method does not work.

Okay, you have a brand new Xbox and it’s brand new cost you some good money. You also want to be able to keep playing as soon as possible.

If this is you problem, then let me help you out . . .

Many people today are using brand new methods to get their Xbox online. With these methods, they are able to save a whole lot of time and money. Most of these newer methods are due to advancements in the internet world and more people are learning about these newer methods.

If you are able, follow these three methods. If you begin implement each method right away, you are sure to get your Xbox online and solve your problem in no time. Of course, implement these methods cautiously and make sure you get enough information to make sure it will work.

You will know you have a problem when your Xbox shows multiple red lights. 1 red light shows that there is a hardware failure, 2 red lights indicate that your console is overheating, and 3 red lights are those of the “Red Ring of Death”.

Don’t worry about these latter 3 red lights. This is a common problem and Microsoft even extended warranty to 3 years to cover these 3 red lights. However, if you are extended warranty does not cover this problem then you would have to make a decision as to how you are going to handle your Xbox.

Shocking facts :

Microsoft has admitted that there are some problems in your Xbox and they are willing to pay for it.

  1. When you call customer support they don’t know what your problem is.
  2. When they solve the problem they tell you that it must be sent to them for repair.
  3. When you send your Xbox 360 to them they don’t fix it. They send you a refurbished model.
  4. They will tell you that you have to wait up to a month to get your Xbox back.

So, let’s just go over all of these options. There is one main option and that is to fix your Xbox by yourself. If you have the ability to read and comprehend, then that is the best option for you to fix your Xbox.

However, please only do this option if you are comfortable taking the time to do it yourself. It does not guarantee that you will have the same issue again, so take on the proper amount of caution.

Make sure you have enough time to take under consideration all of the options, taking under consideration how long you have been playing with your Xbox. This is the best way to fix your Xbox, so make sure you take the time needed to do it properly.