How to Make Your longboard Go Faster

This is the place to insert the riser if your a beginner or you just want a smoother ride on your longboard. If you are more advanced you will not need to use the riser. This is because the trucks are already very deep and very strong. However if you are just a beginner or are new to longboarding you will want to use the riser. Still there are some people that use the riser and some people don’t use it at all. At first trying it will be a little risky but you will see how it goes the first time.

Now once your longboard is placed between the truck and the riser you simply loosen the nut and make your way to turning the truck back and forth. This will make the board spin faster in the same direction. The board will act like a gear and you will be able to move your trucks a little faster. It is easy to make the board spin and turn because of the turning of the wheels in the wheels of your longboard.

This is a very easy way to make your longboard go forwards, backwards, left or right without you having to increase the trucks size or reposition the longboard with new bearings. This will allow you to have plenty of moving room for whatever kinds of turns and maneuvers you wish to perform on your longboard or any kind of skateboard.

Another option for making your longboard go faster is to use bigger wheels. Not only will your longboard ride a lot smoother and faster it will also be a lot safer. Bigger wheels will let you carry a lot more momentum. Riding on bigger wheels will allow you to make those fancy kinds of turns and maneuvers a lot easier when compared to smaller wheels.

The trucks and bearings

The trucks and bearings are the most important part of longboarding. If you want to go faster on your longboard you will definitely need the trucks to support the deep depth of your longboard. Without trucks you could try getting trucks that are a lot shorter or get bearings that are a lot less accurate just to make the turning easier on your. These trucks will allow you to make those fancy turns and moves that are a must to master in skateboarding. It also make landing those difficult tricks or getting control on your board a lot easier.

These are a few reasons why you should consider riser loaded longboards instead of standard deep boards. Now that you have the full details on the way the boards are made and different ways to upgrade it to make it a more comfortable ride for you, don’t you think this will be the better type of longboard for you?