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Play Electric Guitar With Headphones

5 Easy Ways To Play Electric Guitar With Headphones


If you’ve ever been unable to play the guitar on an amplifier for any number of reasons, you’re not alone.

You may be unable to crank up the distortion because your family member is asleep, your neighbors are grumpy, or for any other reason.

In order to play the guitar, you can either use an amplifier, or you can play it without one.

But there is one more thing you can do.

In order to do that, you’ll need to use headphones to play guitar.

You’ll be able to hear the guitar and all of its sounds this way, and the greatest part is that you won’t disturb anyone else.

In terms of how to make it happen, this may be a major issue for some.

One of the first things I’d like to point out is that it’s impossible to plug a guitar directly into headphones.

It is difficult for anything other than an amplifier to replicate and make audible the electrical current created by the pickups.


Use The Guitar Amp Headphone Jack

However, not all guitarists can use option 1, which is probably the finest option on the list.

Simply connect your headphones to the amplifier’s headphone jack, and you’re good to go.

Most guitar amplifiers have a headphone jack, although it’s possible to get one without one.

As a result, you won’t be able to use this method.

You’ll need to check your amp and see whether you have headphones plugged in before anything else.

Depending on the brand of the jack on your amp, there are a few different outcomes.

The majority of the time, it may be found on the amp’s front panel, near the amp’s potentiometers.

The jack will be situated on the top side of those amps that feature pots (if there is one).

It’s also possible to get an amp with just a headphone connector on one side and a potentiometer or other control on the other.

So, check your amp to see if you have it at all before you use it.

As an alternative, you might go online and look up the device’s specifications and see if headphones are included in the instructions.

The initial phase of the process is covered here.

Next, if your amplifier has a headphone jack, make sure to measure the size of it.

You can choose between two different jack sizes, 1/8′′ (3.5 mm) for normal headphones and 1/4′′ (6.35 mm) for guitars.

Use A Micro Guitar Amp/Headphone Amp

Buying an expensive amp like a Fender Twin Reverb isn’t always a good idea.

There are some people who aren’t concerned about cost, yet there are others who can afford one but don’t want one.

It’s possible that the amp is too loud for someone looking for a practice amplifier.

Because of this, tiny amplifiers have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Micro guitar amps, on the other hand, what are they?

The word is commonly used to designate 9V battery-powered amplifiers.

As a result, they are lightweight and may be carried around without the use of additional cords or plugs.

Almost all models feature headphone jacks, so you’ll simply need a guitar wire.

There are some drawbacks, but the price and range of options more than make up for any shortfalls in sound quality.

Connecting headphones into an amplifier is just like plugging headphones into conventional amplifiers, and there is a potential that you’ll need to buy an adaptor depending on the headphones model.


Use An Audio Interface

The usage of an audio interface is a possible next step.

Audio interfaces are a popular choice for musicians who wish to record their performances, and you can get high-quality amp simulators that will make your guitar sound like a dream.

Audio interfaces can now cost anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars (or even more).

You will be able to alter the sound of your instrument dramatically based on the model you purchase and the software you choose.

All audio interfaces can be used with headphones, regardless of the type.

Because it’s a plug-and-play gadget, it doesn’t have a built-in speaker.

An external speaker is the only way you can hear what you’re playing.

When it comes to connecting your guitar to a computer, this is the most typical method of doing so.

To hear the guitar sound, you can either plug in headphones or speakers at this point.

The options are virtually endless, as you might expect.

What really matters is how much you’re willing to spend on the interface and all the necessary software to execute it.

Connect To Phone Or Tablet

To begin with, you cannot simply put your guitar into a smartphone or tablet and expect it to play.

Because most smartphones and tablets have a built-in headphone jack, ordinary cables and adapters won’t work.

In order to make it function, you will still need some form of interface.

There are a number of audio interfaces that can be used on smartphones and tablets that were listed in the preceding paragraphs.

However, there are a few devices you should look at if you want something more in line with a smartphone.

They have a really simple premise.

Plug your guitar into the interface, and then connect your phone to the instrument.

If you’d like to fine-tune your sound even more, there are countless tools at your disposal for doing so.

Multi-Effects Pedal

Using a multi-effect pedal or a processor is the ultimate option.

As a result, the entire process is rather straightforward.

It’s the same principle as with amplifiers, and if you already have a processor, you’re all set

If you’re looking to create the sound of your dreams, these pedals are a great place to start.

People without a device like this can go to great lengths to find a solution.


It’s not always possible to play the guitar through an amp, therefore we all have to find a quieter alternative.

Headphones are the most convenient means of continuing to play without disturbing anyone nearby.

While this may seem like an obvious answer, it’s actually the most convenient method for playing music while listening on headphones.

The headphones can be plugged in and you’ll be set to go if this is the case.

An adapter can be purchased to enable the use of headphones with a PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Equipment that you don’t have will force you to purchase it.

To your advantage, a wide variety of pedals, amplifiers, and adapters are readily available, and your only decision-making constraint should be your budget.




The different types of skateboards

The different types of skateboards


Flat wood surface and four old roller skate wheels were all that was needed in the beginning.

Skateboards have come a long way since their inception.

Skateboard decks have evolved over time as a result of the sport’s growth and refining.

Whether you’re doing tricks, cruising down the street, dropping into a half-pipe, or going fast downhill, each board was built to meet the specific needs of its intended rider.

Because of the development of concave bends and kick tails, for example, the deck has become stronger and more adaptable.

Matt Berger, founder of Sk8Makers and author of “The Handmade Skateboard,” points out that skateboard decks have gotten broader and narrower, longer and shorter, and taller and lower to the ground over the years.

In terms of length and width, longboards and shortboards are the two primary types of skateboards on the market.

As a general rule of thumb, we may say that short skateboards are designed for tricks, whereas long skateboards are designed for lengthy rides.

There have been several eras, phases, and periods of skateboard design before the current most popular designs.

Todd Huber, proprietor of a skate shop and avid skateboard collector in Simi Valley, California, houses his collection of more than 5,000 skateboards in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

At least one model of each major skate brand from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s is included in Huber’s collection of vintage templates.

Skaters with diverse riding techniques, preferred surfaces, and skating preferences may all discover the perfect four-wheel board.

A look at the most popular, famous and frequently used skateboards that can be spotted rolling around the streets.

The Mini-Cruiser Skateboard

The cruiser skateboard is shrunk down into the mini-cruiser form factor.

For beginners and intermediate skaters alike, it’s a great choice for cruising around town, performing tricks, and riding a bowl or park.

They were first used in the sport’s early days and have seen a recent surge in popularity in the recent years.

This compact and lightweight design is a favorite among high school students because it is easy to carry in a backpack.

Soft wheels and a kick tail make it easy to perform a few basic tricks and move around the city.

The majority of the time, they are composed of plastic and require specialized transportation.

The Double-Kick Popsicle Skateboard

The most common and commonly used design is the basic skateboard.

It’s great for skateparks, streets, and just about any other kind of riding you can think of.

They’re an excellent choice for individuals who are just starting out skateboarding. They’re light and easy to carry.

Tricks, grinding, shredding curbs, and getting airborne can all be done on a popsicle-shaped skateboard.

It has a concave curvature across the breadth and a kick in the tail and nose.

When it comes to employing the current street deck in a variety of settings, it’s almost perfectly symmetrical from end to end.

Seven layers of 1/16-inch thick hard maple veneer glued with PVA adhesive and pressed from a complicated form make up this design from the 1990s.

It’s the Cruiser Skateboard.

It’s an excellent option for local commuting and quick trips across town.

In order to ride over minor cracks and rough pavement, they have larger and softer wheels.

Riders can make tighter and faster turns and avoid obstacles on these boards than on longboards.

Kick tails are also included.

The Carve Skateboard

Rather than relying on brute force, the carve skateboard relies on effortless pumping.

When used on level ground, it was intended to replicate the motion of a surfboard on the face of the wave.

One of the most popular planks used to ride a bowl and practice turns and deep carves.

Because it combines the best of cruisers and longboards, this hybrid design is quickly gaining in popularity.

The Classic Longboard Skateboard

To cruise along the boardwalk or for leisurely rides over longer distances, the longboard is the ideal board. It may also be used to accelerate up and down steeper hills

First-timers will benefit from its broad riding platform, which makes it simple to master the art of balance.

Moreover, they’re an excellent choice for skaters of all ages and levels of skill.

Pintail or twin tip longboards are the most frequent.

The length of a longboard is often 33 inches or more.

The skater can make broad arching carves and turns with ease because of its superb mobility.

It was influenced by the longboard surfboards of the 1950s and 1960s.

The Downhill Longboard Skateboard

Slalom and downhill racing are the primary uses of the downhill longboard, a type of skateboard made exclusively for these types of terrains.

It’s a specialized skateboard designed for a specific purpose, and it provides more stability and speed than a longboard skateboard.

Skaters need a wide wheelbase and cutaway fenders to slide and manage speed more safely when bombing hills at maximum speeds.

Drop-through and normal concaves are the two most common shapes and contours.

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The Electric Skateboard

The electric skateboard is the most recent addition to the skateboard variety.

Pupil longboards were a popular pre-eSkate version that had big all-terrain wheels and a rubber ball attached to a long flexible pole that could be manipulated to steer, accelerate and decelerate.

Eventually, the design evolved into an electric skateboard with a built-in motor.

The concept is geared for metropolitan commuters in their 20s and 30s and technology aficionados.

These electric skateboards can go a distance of about five miles at a maximum speed of 15 mph.

Activating the front and rear pads is as simple as skating forward and backward over the surface.

There are additional types that come with a remote control that can be used to accelerate and decelerate the electric skateboard.

What size skateboard for 8-year-old kids

What size skateboard for 8-year-old kids

Skateboarding is a favorite sport all over the world. Many people of many ages love this sport. Children from five to twelve years old also love skateboarding. So what size skateboard for 8-year-old kids? Picking up a skateboard for 8 years old child should be based on what criteria? What should parents do to ensure the safety of their children? Let’s dig into their information through our article below.

Skateboard size suitable for 8-year-old kids

To find the answer to “What size skateboard for 8-year-old kids?”, you need to determine your child’s height and shoe size. From there, you will determine the length and width of a skateboard according to the two criteria above.

Specifically, skateboard widths will range from 7.0 inches to 7.375 inches for children ages eight to ten. The length of the skateboard starts at 22 inches and ends around 30 inches.

The height of eight-year-old children also varies from about four feet five inches to five feet two inches or ranges from one hundred and thirty centimeters to less than one hundred and sixty centimeters. If you choose according to the shoe size of an eight-year-old boy, the shoe size will range from

In terms of shoe size, children’s shoe sizes range from size 5 to 6 in the US for men. Either size ranges from 18.6 cm to 20.3 cm.

How to measure children’s feet choose US size

  • Take a piece of paper the length of your foot, a ruler, and a pen.
  • Place the paper on the floor, close to the corner of the wall that your kid can stand.
  • Use a pen to trace the longest toe (should measure 2 feet to get the longest.
  • Take measurements to calculate the correct shoe size.
  • Get the largest number to compare with the size chart on the Internet.

Some ways to reduce injuries for children when skateboarding

No matter what age you are, you need to ensure your child’s safety when skateboarding. You need to prepare all the necessary items such as helmets, soft shoes, protective gloves, and knee pads for children. In particular, you need to take the following steps to reduce your child’s injury when falling due to skateboarding.

  • When losing balance, children should crouch on the skateboard. This will help shorten the distance the child falls.
  • Teach your child to land with the fleshy part of his body when falling
  • When your child falls off the skateboard, instruct them to try rolling onto the ground instead of using their arms and hands to prop up the ground.
  • Teach your child to relax his or her whole body when falling.
  • Help your child warm-up and do warm-ups carefully before skateboarding.
  • Ensure nutrition for children before and after skateboarding.

Notes when choosing to buy a skateboard for eight-year-old children

  • You had better decide to buy a plank shaft with a length that is nearly equivalent to the length of the board. That will help you master the skateboard for easier movement.

Parents should buy skateboards for eight-year-olds from reputable brands.

  • Pay attention to learn about the curve at the top of the board. If the board has a curved head, the force is stronger and vice versa.
  • You should choose to buy skates from famous and reputable brands trusted by many parents around the world. Popular kids skateboard brands are Magneto, Geelife, Rimable, Chrome Wheels, Playshion, and Meketec. The quality of the skates is very stable and solid.

Hopefully, the information we have just shared above will be beneficial for you in choosing to buy skateboards for eight-year-old children. In particular, we are sure that you already have the answer to “what size skateboard for 8-year-old kids?“. We hope that you can choose to buy the best skateboard product for your child!


How to Make Your longboard Go Faster

How to Make Your longboard Go Faster

This is the place to insert the riser if your a beginner or you just want a smoother ride on your longboard. If you are more advanced you will not need to use the riser. This is because the trucks are already very deep and very strong. However if you are just a beginner or are new to longboarding you will want to use the riser. Still there are some people that use the riser and some people don’t use it at all. At first trying it will be a little risky but you will see how it goes the first time.

Now once your longboard is placed between the truck and the riser you simply loosen the nut and make your way to turning the truck back and forth. This will make the board spin faster in the same direction. The board will act like a gear and you will be able to move your trucks a little faster. It is easy to make the board spin and turn because of the turning of the wheels in the wheels of your longboard.

This is a very easy way to make your longboard go forwards, backwards, left or right without you having to increase the trucks size or reposition the longboard with new bearings. This will allow you to have plenty of moving room for whatever kinds of turns and maneuvers you wish to perform on your longboard or any kind of skateboard.

Another option for making your longboard go faster is to use bigger wheels. Not only will your longboard ride a lot smoother and faster it will also be a lot safer. Bigger wheels will let you carry a lot more momentum. Riding on bigger wheels will allow you to make those fancy kinds of turns and maneuvers a lot easier when compared to smaller wheels.

The trucks and bearings

The trucks and bearings are the most important part of longboarding. If you want to go faster on your longboard you will definitely need the trucks to support the deep depth of your longboard. Without trucks you could try getting trucks that are a lot shorter or get bearings that are a lot less accurate just to make the turning easier on your. These trucks will allow you to make those fancy turns and moves that are a must to master in skateboarding. It also make landing those difficult tricks or getting control on your board a lot easier.

These are a few reasons why you should consider riser loaded longboards instead of standard deep boards. Now that you have the full details on the way the boards are made and different ways to upgrade it to make it a more comfortable ride for you, don’t you think this will be the better type of longboard for you?

Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia


Ah Japanese RPG’s, a staple of my gaming life. In Japan, the market is rife with such games (obvsably because they’re Japanese), and Tales of Xillia is no exception. If you’ve ever seen any of the installments of the Tales series in the West, they pretty much fall into the same Archetype as its predecessors. With Xillia, they tried to incorporate the best elements of the genre and to make something that felt new and fresh. And it definitely succeeded.

To be honest, Xillia feels a bit like Tales of Xillia S2, especially the Druids of Mithia, the driving gameplay element is still the same, and even the same gameplay elements from the first part “The echo” of the Tales series PC game appeared in this title.

Does it succeed?

But does it succeed? The most important and most overlooked aspect of any role playing game is the story, and in Travian, the story is first in form and second in content. It’s an action based RPG, but the Ur-vival series Tales of Xillia tradition is aptly applied to the field of travel and remained well-mastered in the field of locals. Travian features interesting locales to explore – from a cave Chinese Economy and a FaunDestined fantasy world, you will definitely explore regions of the mind quickly.

Just as important, the story wasn’t about action-scenes every five minutes either. The story in Travian is more like a dialogue between characters, and if you’re just watching the story unfold, you might be unimpressed with certain aspects and dialogues. It does add someution to the gameplay, because now answer choose your own questions and actions accordingly, but still it leaves room for interpretation.

The gameplay in Travian is mostly taken from the previous series Tales of Phantasia, but importantly, the battle system and leveling have been Improved. And, as I haven’t played Phantasia 2, I won’t give them credit (I’m sorry Travian players, due to the lack of information on Tales of Phantasia 2, the lack of details about class and character profiles and lack of information about the story, basically the only thing we know about Travian is that after Altair’s revolution, the country in disarray).

Travian has improved in this aspect, in the fact that Travian allows more than one drive wheel to be used, increasing up to 6 attributes within the wheel. But the downside to this is, that there are several combos that rely on the use of two different drives (there are still many that use only one drive). Unfortunately there are also some aspects of the game that remains the same as before, some of the driving parts of the game still behave as before, there’s still a lack of variation in the weapons, and there’s still a great deal of customization for your cars. But I’m sure that in the next PSP title ( Scourge of the Stickmen: Eye of the Beholder anyone?) programmers will work to improve graphics and gameplay of their games, and I’m sure the PS3 will soon have many enhancements on top of the ones we already have.

To be honest, I had some concerns about purchasing this title because I had never so much trouble playing a game on a console before. As far as the controls go, I’m very impressed, the manual entries are very easy to understand and execute and the car controls work very addicting. What I liked best about the game is the diversity in the races, unlike most racing games we’re used to these days. Some of the tracks are inspired from areas we’ve seen in the series like Comebind, Gobi Wilderness, and Death Race 2000.


However, between the improvements in the handling model and additions to the story mode, I think most of us will love Travian. Even though the graphics look a bit bigger, the fixes in the story mode and the ability to choose different cars always make the game more enjoyable. So until the sequel of this game comes out, you should try Travian and enjoy your crossword puzzles.

Speculation on PS3 games

Speculation on PS3 games


LittleBigPlanet, for those who don’t know the British band, has been described as “Monsters” by UK magazine The People. According to them, this game will be nothing like the usually boring shooters and adventure games. This is because, instead of going on adventures, you will be able to “shoot” things. Specifically, you “shoot” plywood. Do not worry, if you actually get shot, your video game education is going to be just fine. Because, in addition to being shaped like a person and having arms and legs, you are also equipped with a “onym” skill.”  In a video game, the player is required to Neighbors. In LittleBigPlanet, the player can nudge or twist or wave or whatever else in the video game, and the character will do it.

Necessarily a bad thing or not?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. I do believe that a game can only ever be judged by its highest form of difficulty. And for the purposes of difficulty, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to have some sort of trial or error system. For instance, in every game ever made. There will be a trial or error system where the player will go to some obstacle, figure out how to get past it, and then be rewarded for succeeding. And in the trial or error system, some fail and some succeed. It’s a very clear example of how to fail and why to fail. But to every successful system, there will always be a “how to fail” system, a failsafe. For instance, in every Mario ever made, there will be a flag that he must hit in order to make his costume come off.

Lemmings, Worms, Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, all these games have some level of trial and error system built into the game. And the fact of the matter is, for the most part, these games are not successful by accident. They take some time to learn, and they take some time to master. So just like in the real world, in the video game world, there will always be a how to fail system. A fail is a fail is a fail is a fail. What makes these games different is some people spend so much time and energy on the challenge of getting past that fail. And some people will admit and show off their amazing grades, and feats of AI, and all their studies and homework when faced with that failure.

I have a friend who will occasionally play a game at a party that is absolutely perfect for what he wants to do. His kill screen asks him to shoot as many lemmings that he can, within the time limit. He’s only got an VIII level weapon, but he’s only out of fuel. So he slowly but surely fires away, killing the annoying little pigmen over and over, trying to conserve the fuel, all the while knowing that he’s probably going to be facing a how to fail screen. And he gets no grades for playing the way he does.

Sure, he gets some points for playing the way he does, but he doesn’t get any grades for it.

grades are on a different scale. Different Depending on Who You Are.

Included in that consider the range of different things you need to achieve. If you can become a best gamer in every sense of the word, then get a perfect score. If you can find ways of playing the game that aren’t necessarily fun, but balance out the challenges in the game, then don’t do it. There are thousands of games out there, and if you want to be considered a best gamer, you need to focus on that small subset of games that test your skills – not the broad range of games that allow you to wield a giant sword or journey through the world of Atreia.

So who are these gamers that can do so well in such a broad range of games?

I’ve known quite a few best gamers in my time, and I asked them this morning whilst writing this article, what are they exactly – what are they exactly that is making them so good?

They are young teenagers and young adults, around the ages of 13 – 22. These are average, middle-aged guys, who have never really played video games, but they just love them. So the best answer I can give you is that they are a very select few.

How to Fix Xbox 360 No Video Problem

No Video on Your Xbox? – How to Fix Xbox 360 No Video Problem


So, you would like to play and enjoy your Xbox 360 but, you are getting no video whatsoever. Was there something wrong? If so, then I’ll tell you exactly what happened. Your Xbox 360 screen goes all black with no video. Well, I’m glad to say that you’re not the only one who is experiencing this problem. There are many gamers who face the same problem and the worst part is they don’t know what to do. Let me begin by telling you exactly what you should do.

First, try saving your game.

Try doing this first because it might solve your problem. Remember, sometimes an error like no video will be due to a brief glitch in the systems video. Perhaps it is as a result of a incorrectly inserted disk or there could be a scratch in the disk. However, most of the time this will not be the cause of the problem.

If saving doesn’t work then disconnect your cables and then unplug your Xbox. Then, allowing a short time for the system to cool off, connect your cables to the TV and then plug your Xbox back into the AC adapter. If you still are experiencing no video, then you should think about getting the cable and plugging it into the outlet. This would mean that you failed to rescue the system from any staged video equipment.

If this does not work, well, then it is very possible that the problem is a little bit deeper. It could be that the video Stockpile Method does not work.

Okay, you have a brand new Xbox and it’s brand new cost you some good money. You also want to be able to keep playing as soon as possible.

If this is you problem, then let me help you out . . .

Many people today are using brand new methods to get their Xbox online. With these methods, they are able to save a whole lot of time and money. Most of these newer methods are due to advancements in the internet world and more people are learning about these newer methods.

If you are able, follow these three methods. If you begin implement each method right away, you are sure to get your Xbox online and solve your problem in no time. Of course, implement these methods cautiously and make sure you get enough information to make sure it will work.

You will know you have a problem when your Xbox shows multiple red lights. 1 red light shows that there is a hardware failure, 2 red lights indicate that your console is overheating, and 3 red lights are those of the “Red Ring of Death”.

Don’t worry about these latter 3 red lights. This is a common problem and Microsoft even extended warranty to 3 years to cover these 3 red lights. However, if you are extended warranty does not cover this problem then you would have to make a decision as to how you are going to handle your Xbox.

Shocking facts :

Microsoft has admitted that there are some problems in your Xbox and they are willing to pay for it.

  1. When you call customer support they don’t know what your problem is.
  2. When they solve the problem they tell you that it must be sent to them for repair.
  3. When you send your Xbox 360 to them they don’t fix it. They send you a refurbished model.
  4. They will tell you that you have to wait up to a month to get your Xbox back.

So, let’s just go over all of these options. There is one main option and that is to fix your Xbox by yourself. If you have the ability to read and comprehend, then that is the best option for you to fix your Xbox.

However, please only do this option if you are comfortable taking the time to do it yourself. It does not guarantee that you will have the same issue again, so take on the proper amount of caution.

Make sure you have enough time to take under consideration all of the options, taking under consideration how long you have been playing with your Xbox. This is the best way to fix your Xbox, so make sure you take the time needed to do it properly.

new batman game may be on the horizon

A New Batman Game Might Be On the Horizon

Batman GameWe recently celebrated the caped crusader from Gotham City on September 21, 2019, on Batman Day and it turns out our celebrations might not be just for the day. Naturally, WB Games tweeted as well to show their support for Batman day however their tweet was a little more than that. The tweet might have hinted at a new Batman game as most of the fans are also sure that a fourth Batman game is bound to arrive soon.

The short video shared by WB Games on their official Twitter appears to be a simple celebratory video which showed a normal Bat Signal on a building however the video at specific frames showed specific symbols which only appeared as a flash on the screen. If you pause and watch these symbols, they represent the demons and owls. A reference that we can all point towards the Court of Owls and Ra’s Al Ghul easily.

This is not the first time we are seeing these references as well. Back in December 2018, we saw an employee of the studio tweet a picture of herself with a shirt that showed the logo of Court of Owls and the employee saying ‘best DevTeam EVAR’. This time again, its Warner Bros Montreal showing us similar signs in their tweet. You can check out the short video the studio tweeted over the weekend below.


Thanks to another Twitter user ChrisHeartnet, he took snaps and shared it right below the official tweet. You can check out the symbols below.


For all we know, WB Montreal could be working on the next Batman game and it might be well ahead in development at this point. However, one thing that remains to be seen is when the game comes out with the current generation nearing its end. The best possible release window on the current generation is within Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. Otherwise, the next Batman game is most probably coming out on the next generation of consoles.

To celebrate Batman Day, Epic Games Store is also giving away six Batman Games for free. Make sure you add them to your account while they are still available. This is the best way to celebrate Batman Day this year.

What do you think about the latest tweet by WB Montreal and do you think that we might be getting a new Batman game soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

Byte-Size Rumor: Phantom Pain In February?

Byte-Size Rumor: Phantom Pain In February?


A couple of months ago, mistakenly ‘revealed’ a release date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – March 17th, 2015. In a matter of moments, the date had mysteriously vanished, replaced with a far more vague ‘early 2015′. Couple that with Hideo Kojima promising a release in 2015, and what do you get? Well… nothing. Rumors are just rumors and should be treated as such, ESPECIALLY when Kojima is involved. Believing a release date from that man is like expecting Guns ‘N Roses to hit the stage at their slotted time, despite knowing Axl’s penchant for going on ‘whenever he feels like it’.

That said, I’ve received information from a reliable source- who is currently employed by Sony and has recently spoken with a Konami rep – that could lend some credence to the once dismissed rumor: Not only is Q1 of 2015 possible, but The Phantom Pain could appear on retailer shelves as early as this coming February.

While I’m pleased to report rumors as they come in, I’d like to reiterate that this is the sort of thing that everyone should take with a huge grain of salt. The ‘February’ time frame was more of a ‘slip of the tongue’ by the Konami rep, and shouldn’t be treated as conclusive ‘evidence’ that February is, indeed, the actual target date. My work on this site is about maintaining transparency between consumers and the industry, and it would be a disservice to you, my readers, if I didn’t disclose the ‘less than concrete’ nature of what the rep stated.

If this turns out to be true, it’s going to be a busy month for sure, as February already has Bloodborne and The Order pegged for release.

Nintendon’t Supply… Why?

Nintendon’t Supply… Why?

Nintendon't Supply

When it comes to video game hardware, there probably isn’t a more divisive name in the industry than Nintendo. On one side of the fence, there’s a number of gamers who would say this company has lost touch with reality, likely citing the lack of third party support, as well as their inability to effectively market the Wii-U as a standalone device. Some would go as far to say that they produce little more than kiddie games, and who wants to control a cutesy pink marshmallow when you can hollow cranial cavities in the latest installment of CoD? On the other side of the fence are the fans, of course. They’re happy, proud, and loyal – some to a fault – mainly because they respect the big N for staying true to their vision. These fine folk understand that while the nearly photorealistic graphics on competing machines are impressive, it all amounts to spit if the gameplay isn’t fun. Me? I guess I’m fated to straddle, because I love video games of all sorts. It doesn’t matter where they come from or what form they come in; as long as there’s fun to be had, I’m a happy guy.

But my position atop that fence – where plenty of others reside, by the way – comes with its own set of frustrations. While I’m free from the squabbles of ‘mine is better than yours’, that freedom also allows me to easily see things that are unfair, or flat-out bad for most consumers. , I was disappointed to see Nintendo resort to selling trinkets and DLC. The latter especially, considering Mr. Iwata and Reggie Fil-Aime are both on record stating they didn’t want to take that route.

Unsurprisingly, my opinion wasn’t viewed in the most favorable light. Believe me, this wasn’t a surprise. I expected people to roll their eyes and say, “Oh great, here’s yet another Nintendo hater that just doesn’t get it.” And yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Objectively speaking, yes, I think Nintendo are a terrible company… but I don’t dislike them. I know that probably makes me sound like I’m chasing my own tail here, but overall, I think they’ve done some wonderful things in this generation of gaming.

Over the last year or so, a majority of my time has been spent bouncing back and forth between my PS4 and Xbox One. The games were fun, problematic as they were, but the machines themselves were a constant headache.

My PS4 would only save game clips on occasion, and it’s still missing at least one core feature that was promised months before launch (suspend and resume, which the Xbox One does exquisitely well). The rubber on my DS4 sticks were showing signs of wear after mere months, certain ‘stability updates’ have caused my disc eject button to be unresponsive (it’s since been fixed), and let’s not forget that PSN has been nothing short of a joke.

My Xbox One WANTS to be my ease of access terminal, but… oh, wait. Why isn’t this thing working right? Damn it. I guess I’m going to have to do a hard reset. Just give me a second, alright? Actually, better make it five, because I have to hold the power button down. 1… 2… 3… 4… Ah, there it goes! Alright, time to turn it back on. Pressed the power button, it’s lit, and… aaaaaaand… Guh. This thing takes a while to boot! Once the console is actually fired up, what do I have to look forward to? A user-interface that has trouble handling all that it’s supposed to. One of the only things I actually snap is Twitch, and every time I do it’s a blasted nightmare.


But oh, my Wii-U. It just works. I’ve never had a problem with the gamepad, the user-interface has never been sluggish, and games run like a dream. And speaking of games, I purchase them with unparalleled peace of mind. When it comes to Nintendo, I KNOW my games are going to work as intended. No day 1 multiplayer struggles, no patches or updates, nothing. Oh, and it’s backwards compatible, too. Regardless of their faults, this company STILL provides the quintessential ‘pop in and play’ experience. It’s sad that I can’t say the same for Sony and Microsoft.

At the end of the day, the most important gauge for enjoyment should ultimately be how much fun we’re having, and in my humble opinion, Nintendo is the undisputed MVP of the industry.

Which is precisely why my love/hate relationship with them is so frustrating.

From a consumer standpoint, I’m constantly rolling my eyes. Take, for example, the Wii-U’s gamepad. It’s a great piece of hardware, but the battery it’s saddled with lasts a paltry three hours. That’s two gaming sessions for me, tops. Fortunately, Nintendo sells a higher capacity battery… but not in stores. You have to get it from them directly, which is fine, but it sold out shortly after release and wasn’t restocked for months. Want to know the real kicker? If you unscrew the gamepad’s rear compartment, a large, empty slot’s been carved out specifically for this battery. All signs point to them shoving a weak battery down our throats, only to shake us down for the better one later… so, why has stock been so sparse?

There’s also a situation with the Amiibos. These bits of DLC posing as figurines only saw the light of day two months ago, yet diehards are practically drooling over the fourth wave and beyond. In the meantime, average consumers have been discouraged from getting involved with the collection whatsoever. March from Fire Emblem, Villager from Animal Crossing, Wii Fit Trainer from Wii Fit, Pit from Kid Icarus, Captain Falcon from F-Zero, Fox McCloud from Star Fox, and Little Mac from Punch-Out!! are rarities now… but why? I mean, if these things are meant to accentuate your experience in various 3DS and Wii-U games, why should ANY of them be collector’s items so soon after launch?

Super Smash Bros. for the Wii-U kicked off on the same day as the Amiibos, and with it, a Gamecube controller adapter. That’s right, if you’ve been used to the Gamecube controls for over a decade, Nintendo has encouraged you to stick with what works. Unfortunately, a short while after launch, the $20 adapter was nowhere to be found. Well, you COULD get it through Gamestop’s website, but they required you purchase no less than FOUR Gamecube controllers with it (for a grand total of $140). Fortunately, a third party has stepped up with their own adapter.

The Legend of Zelda has also been a pawn in the game of ‘too bad, so sad’. On January 6th, without any prior notification, pre-orders for the Limited Edition of Majora’s Mask 3D – which includes a Skull Kid figurine – went live at about 8AM EST… and sold out in a matter of hours. Yes, HOURS. There wasn’t even a release date yet, and the Limited Edition was GONE. That means a good number of people on the West Coast were still nestled in their beds when this went down. They didn’t even have a CHANCE to pre-order before the well went dry.

Additional stock appeared in drips and drabs after the fact, but they’d disappear in a matter of minutes.

and its gone

On January 14th, the same thing happened with the Majora’s Mask themed New 3DS XL. It was announced during a Nintendo Direct, which began at 9AM EST, and had sold out less than an hour later. Best Buy had some on their website in the evening, but all were spoken for within half an hour.

And that New 3DS is a source of controversy in-and-of itself. People were genuinely excited to get their hands on Nintendo’s latest handheld, especially the smaller model, as it features swappable faceplates. So, naturally, Nintendo confirmed only the LARGER handheld would be available in North America. They still haven’t reversed their policy on region locked hardware, so importing isn’t much of an option.

Understandably, North American consumers are upset. Some didn’t like the original 3DS XL because extended periods of use would cramp their hands. Some argue the XL wasn’t as portable, which defeats the purpose of a handheld. Regardless, the real kick in the teeth comes from the fact that every other region WILL have both versions of the New 3DS, while for some reason, North America is to be left in the cold. I’m not affected by this personally, as I prefer the XL for my massive gorilla hands, but that doesn’t make it any less a slap in the face to Nintendo’s fans.

That aside, I think the biggest problem – one the rest of the world has been familiar with for some time – is that the New 3DS doesn’t come with a charger.

No need to do a double take. You read that right: No. Charger. Their reason? It costs them money. How much? Less than two bucks.

How have they been allowed to get away with this? That’d be like Microsoft selling the Xbox One without a power brick.

I guess the answer is, unfortunately, consumer complacency. That’s why I said some Nintendo fans are loyal to a fault: It’s because no matter what this company does, all is forgiven. Wii-U gamepad has a shit battery? “It’s no big deal. Charge while you play!” Amiibos hard to find? “I pre-ordered mine. If people wanted them bad enough, that’s what THEY should have done!” Gamecube adapter missing-in-action? “The hottest game of the Wii-U JUST launched, and it’s the holidays!” Limited editions sell out in a matter of hours? “Well, it’s not limited if EVERYONE gets it!” Nintendo stops providing charges? “Doesn’t everyone have one of these by now? If you don’t, they’re only $10!”

It boggles the mind.

I mean, what’s the first thing a company like Nintendo should do? Get their products in consumers’ hands, right? Right. They’ve clearly dropped the ball in this respect, and HARD… but people are so consumed with ‘want, want, want’, they’ve not stopped to ask, “Why?”

Some have accused Nintendo of intentionally limiting stock to increase demand, and I agree. When people are forced to scramble to get this, that, or the other thing, a panic induced awareness will spread like wildfire. It’s an effective way to sell product, sure, but it also neglects the core Nintendo fan. Now, people who wouldn’t have paid the Amiibos any mind are snagging them left and right, hoping to turn a profit. That means escaping your 9-to-5 in search of that rare item is probably going to be a fruitless endeavor.

I’ll go as far as to say Nintendo couldn’t care less. Don’t get me wrong, though. I don’t think they’re playing the ‘evil corporation is evil’ card. This company has hemorrhaged money for a long, long time. As a result, I think they’re simultaneously pinching their pennies AND capitalizing on the collector’s mentality.

While a higher concentration of product would benefit consumers, it would probably hurt Nintendo. The ultimate goal for ANY business is to sell their merchandise, and sell it quick. If the amount of product exceeds demand, the excess won’t sell. If the excess doesn’t sell, then it’s a waste of money for the company that produced it. After having ‘fell on the sword’ this time last year, I can see why the minimalistic approach is so attractive to them.

Still, there’s such thing as playing it TOO safe. When it comes to business, you have to consider a certain amount of calculated risk, but Nintendo want nothing to do with that.

Simply put, they’re no longer above nickel-and-diming us.

Think about it. Where are the ‘best’ consumers in the world? North America. Is it a coincidence that this is the only region that HAS to buy the larger, more expensive model? Probably not. As far as the ‘we’re not including a charger’ move… Nintendo owns the handheld market, and they know it. This has given them the confidence to say, “If you need one, you can fork over an extra ten bucks. But, don’t forget to play our new freemium Pokemon game after you do! That’s right, we’re in the microtransaction game now! Give us your money!”

Despite not willing to make calculated financial risks, I hope they understand they’re testing a far more dangerous one: The loyalty of their fans. Again, Nintendo were respected for sticking to their guns, and not conforming to the bullshit we’ve come to expect from Microsoft and Sony. Unfortunately, that dividing line is getting blurrier by the week, and the longer their fans feel neglected, the easier it’ll be for them to walk away.

Gaming shouldn’t feel like joining a club. It should be all inclusive, and NOT a designation for the scalpers who couldn’t care less.

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