What size skateboard for 8-year-old kids

Skateboarding is a favorite sport all over the world. Many people of many ages love this sport. Children from five to twelve years old also love skateboarding. So what size skateboard for 8-year-old kids? Picking up a skateboard for 8 years old child should be based on what criteria? What should parents do to ensure the safety of their children? Let’s dig into their information through our article below.

Skateboard size suitable for 8-year-old kids

To find the answer to “What size skateboard for 8-year-old kids?”, you need to determine your child’s height and shoe size. From there, you will determine the length and width of a skateboard according to the two criteria above.

Specifically, skateboard widths will range from 7.0 inches to 7.375 inches for children ages eight to ten. The length of the skateboard starts at 22 inches and ends around 30 inches.

The height of eight-year-old children also varies from about four feet five inches to five feet two inches or ranges from one hundred and thirty centimeters to less than one hundred and sixty centimeters. If you choose according to the shoe size of an eight-year-old boy, the shoe size will range from

In terms of shoe size, children’s shoe sizes range from size 5 to 6 in the US for men. Either size ranges from 18.6 cm to 20.3 cm.

How to measure children’s feet choose US size

  • Take a piece of paper the length of your foot, a ruler, and a pen.
  • Place the paper on the floor, close to the corner of the wall that your kid can stand.
  • Use a pen to trace the longest toe (should measure 2 feet to get the longest.
  • Take measurements to calculate the correct shoe size.
  • Get the largest number to compare with the size chart on the Internet.

Some ways to reduce injuries for children when skateboarding

No matter what age you are, you need to ensure your child’s safety when skateboarding. You need to prepare all the necessary items such as helmets, soft shoes, protective gloves, and knee pads for children. In particular, you need to take the following steps to reduce your child’s injury when falling due to skateboarding.

  • When losing balance, children should crouch on the skateboard. This will help shorten the distance the child falls.
  • Teach your child to land with the fleshy part of his body when falling
  • When your child falls off the skateboard, instruct them to try rolling onto the ground instead of using their arms and hands to prop up the ground.
  • Teach your child to relax his or her whole body when falling.
  • Help your child warm-up and do warm-ups carefully before skateboarding.
  • Ensure nutrition for children before and after skateboarding.

Notes when choosing to buy a skateboard for eight-year-old children

  • You had better decide to buy a plank shaft with a length that is nearly equivalent to the length of the board. That will help you master the skateboard for easier movement.

Parents should buy skateboards for eight-year-olds from reputable brands.

  • Pay attention to learn about the curve at the top of the board. If the board has a curved head, the force is stronger and vice versa.
  • You should choose to buy skates from famous and reputable brands trusted by many parents around the world. Popular kids skateboard brands are Magneto, Geelife, Rimable, Chrome Wheels, Playshion, and Meketec. The quality of the skates is very stable and solid.

Hopefully, the information we have just shared above will be beneficial for you in choosing to buy skateboards for eight-year-old children. In particular, we are sure that you already have the answer to “what size skateboard for 8-year-old kids?“. We hope that you can choose to buy the best skateboard product for your child!