Byte-Size Rumor: Phantom Pain In February?


A couple of months ago, mistakenly ‘revealed’ a release date for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – March 17th, 2015. In a matter of moments, the date had mysteriously vanished, replaced with a far more vague ‘early 2015’. Couple that with Hideo Kojima promising a release in 2015, and what do you get? Well… nothing. Rumors are just rumors and should be treated as such, ESPECIALLY when Kojima is involved. Believing a release date from that man is like expecting Guns ‘N Roses to hit the stage at their slotted time, despite knowing Axl’s penchant for going on ‘whenever he feels like it’.

That said, I’ve received information from a reliable source- who is currently employed by Sony and has recently spoken with a Konami rep – that could lend some credence to the once dismissed rumor: Not only is Q1 of 2015 possible, but The Phantom Pain could appear on retailer shelves as early as this coming February.

While I’m pleased to report rumors as they come in, I’d like to reiterate that this is the sort of thing that everyone should take with a huge grain of salt. The ‘February’ time frame was more of a ‘slip of the tongue’ by the Konami rep, and shouldn’t be treated as conclusive ‘evidence’ that February is, indeed, the actual target date. My work on this site is about maintaining transparency between consumers and the industry, and it would be a disservice to you, my readers, if I didn’t disclose the ‘less than concrete’ nature of what the rep stated.

If this turns out to be true, it’s going to be a busy month for sure, as February already has Bloodborne and The Order pegged for release.



10 responses to “Byte-Size Rumor: Phantom Pain In February?

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  3. If you ask me Byte-Size, it will actually be Q2 2014 we get the game. Think about it: MGS4 released June 12, 2008 and then PeaceWalker April 28, 2010. Can’t really count Revengeance since it’s a spin off that released in February, but again there’s this pattern. Also, in light of the huge data leak on The Phantom Pain in July and August, where it’d mentioned lots of info, including “they’re changing lots of the story and stuff” and late 2014, release, all this combined, Kojima is prompted not to have the game spoiled, so he delays it to 2015, possibly Q2 since that’s what the past main titles had for their release window and dates, and seeing all that info leaked, Kojima needs more than 3 months just to fix all that up, therefore giving him more time to fix and change things, and defy expectations, to release alongside Arkham Knight probably the week after, beating the leaker at his own game, with gaming nirvana at its finest if you ask me. I bet you I’m right. The only case where it’d be as early as February is if they’d discovered the leaks in July when they first showed up and acted upon making changes at that time. Otherwise, prepare for a 8 month long wait man. Really 6-8 months. With June and April occupied for past 2 games and no games in the missing month really populating then, May would be the best candidate. Again, my opinion, but it all adds up. I’d say expect an official release date by December or early January the latest. Cheers.

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  8. If it’s true what you say a actual date would be best intrest I already got my on preorder is the a chance they could release it on January that would be awesome

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