Opinion-Bytes: Angry (Joe) Rant

Angry Joe swears off Nintendo coverage for good… But who’s he kidding?


3 responses to “Opinion-Bytes: Angry (Joe) Rant

    • It seems a lot of people out there are taking his side though… Because unfortunately, that’s the world we live in. Entitlement to the max. And honestly, the huge support shown for this kind of entitled attitude scares me.

      The biggest problem at the end of the day is that something probably started as a bit of fun, is now anything but. He doesn’t want to share his enjoyment of certain games because Nintendo won’t allow him to get as much compensation as he wants? Sad.

      This is precisely why I make it a point to not reach out to publishers, and to buy my own games… And to stream when I can in the name of fun. I may not be making money, but Im happy that I get to play whatever I want, whatever I want.

      • Everyone loves an underdog. Of course people would take his side, he’s got a face while Nintendo is just some evil heartless company that churns out childrens toys that adults play.

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