Great Times With Some New Games

The Division is a game that I was… well, quite wary of.  After picking up Bungie’s Destiny on day 1, I was hesitant to pick up another game which featured the same sort of ‘shooty shooty, looty looty’ style of gameplay.  So, I waited a couple/few weeks for The Division to have its launch and see what people were saying.  What I gathered was that while it’s not a perfect game, it’s highly addictive and quite a bit of fun.  And, most important of all, you can pair up with ANYONE playing the game at any time, not just the people on your friends list.  One of my largest gripes with Destiny had been resolved in the latest Tom Clancy game, and it goes a long way.  Here’s some videos of me enjoying my time with the game.

Another game that hasn’t been quite as high profile, is Grim Dawn.  It’s heralded as the true spiritual successor to Diablo II, and based on what I’ve played thus far, I can’t disagree.  If you were disappointed with Diablo III (which, to be fair, I wasn’t, but whatever), then this might be the game you’re looking for:

At the time of writing, it’s the eve before Dark Souls III’s retail release in every region outside of Japan (they got it back in March).  Steam saw fit to release the game a tad bit early, so I captured my first two hour stream and will have it up here, tomorrow night, for all of you to see.  On day 1.  Because that’s how I roll.


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