First Look: Dark Souls III

After sharing some gameplay of Grim Dawn and The Division yesterday, I promised to have a Dark Souls III video ready in time for its official launch date of April 12th.  True to my word, you’ll find the video below.

I have an interesting – well, I think it’s interesting – history with Dark Souls.  I spent tens of hours on both Dark Souls 1 and 2, and considered both to be ‘up there’ as my favorite games from last gen.  Now, admittedly, I’ve never actually finished a Souls game.  The closest I got was in Bloodborne, as I was probably 4/5 through the game.  So, to see how far I actually persevered throughout DS 1 and 2, I recently looked up the area list on some walkthroughs (being very careful not to spoil anything else, as I still intend to play through these games again).  I swear, after 50 hours in the original Dark Souls, I barely made a dent.  It’s embarrassing how far I didn’t get… and I know why, too.  The reputation of these games had intimidated me.  Each step felt as if I was walking across an invisible bridge, where each step could have been my last.  But, thanks to Bloodborne – because there’s no shield and you have little choice but to ‘git gud’ in a hurry – I’ve since gained a bit of confidence.  Leading up to Dark Souls III’s release, I put about 7 hours into the original… and I’m almost at the point where I left off years ago.  It’s clear I’ve evolved over the years… I’m not ‘git gud’ good, but having confidence in yourself is half the battle.

And you’ll see that confidence shine through in the first few minutes of actual gameplay (once you get past the character creation bit).  A note scrawled on the ground had warned, ‘turn back’, or something to that effect.  Ha.  Yeah.  Right.  As if.  I walked forward and found the message was true; a formidable ice beast lay in wait.  I was patient.  I took my time.  I rolled at all the appropriate times.  I kept my distance when I had to.  And you know what?  I emerged victorious.  With only a shred of health and no estus flasks to rely on, but I survived.  My reward?  A bonfire around the bend.

You’ll note my surprise when I tackle five or six standard foes, and immediately come face to face with the first real boss.  This is Dark Souls III sticking its halberd in the ground and saying, “Welcome back to Dark Souls.  We’re not messing around.”  And it reinforced that message by having this guy pwn me time and time again.  But, I learned, and he got burned.  I pressed on a little further, but not much… but, you’ll see for yourself.

Enjoy my first two hours with Dark Souls III!


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