The Internet… AKA – ‘We Make Our Own Narrative’

Hey everyone,

It’s been an interesting few days, to say the least.  Sometime near the end of last week, or early in the weekend, it was brought to my attention that my Batman leak from May 25th was starting to make the rounds.  At first I saw it was posted on NeoGaf, and from there, word started to spread.

Unfortunately, Gaf ran with things I never confirmed, and a French site called ‘Addicted To Series’ decided they’d post the story too… yet call it their own in the process.  Furthermore, they basically decided to play ‘connect the dots’ and make assumptions as well, and somehow, this went undetected by pretty much everyone.  I wasn’t pleased to see a thread on Reddit appear citing the French website, so I began a campaign to let people know where the real leak came from.  As a result, Addicted To Series eventually listed me as their source, but that didn’t stop other media outlets from beginning their articles with ‘According to Addicted To Series’…

Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled.  In fact, I was pissed.

I spent a few days sending ‘please correct what the original source was’ requests to numerous sites, blogs and forums, and as expected, some decided to do the right thing, while others… well, did nothing.

And yet, that’s not exactly true.  After I added the original source link in  article comment sections, a few sites actually removed my list of corrections and the link from view. They actually ignored request to cite the correct source and report the correct information to their readers.

This has been a tremendous learning experience for me.  And, I thought a quick update would let you guys know just how much the media gives a shit about reporting the correct information to YOU, their READERS (spoiler alert: they don’t).

Before I continue, please take a close look at my original report from May 25th.  Go on!  I don’t mind waiting.

Done?  Good.

Basically, everyone assumed that Damian Wayne is poised to be the main protagonist in the new Batman game.  Makes perfect sense, but ‘son’ to Batman could mean many things.  For example, if this was a continuation of the Arkham story, it wouldn’t make sense for it to be Damian.  It could Robin, or Nightwing… or whatever (sorry, I’m not an expert on the Batman-verse).  Point is, the name Damian was never actually mentioned by my source.

Based on my report, everyone also decided that the Batmobile had been axed.  And yet, I never said that, just that the Batmobile hadn’t been mentioned.

People really seemed excited to report that there would be day and night cycles… except maybe there isn’t?  I stated the story wouldn’t take place in a single night.  I threw my OWN opinion into the mix in brackets, and that should have been clear.

I’ve also seen reports that Rocksteady themselves were working on this game… and yet, in my report, I specifically stated that no studio had been mentioned.

The amount of error in reporting sort of blew my mind.

I tried to get media outlets to understand how they were unknowingly deceiving their readers, mainly because Addicted to Series seemingly doesn’t know how to report actual facts… and yet, it often fell on deaf ears.  They didn’t care if what they reported was wrong, or that they weren’t even citing the correct source (even though my link was eventually cited on ATS).  Nope, it seems that once something is published, they’d rather not retract and make themselves look like fools.

Oh, and by the way… I’m not even a journalist, but I know the basics.  If you hear some good buzz, and that source says “I heard this from somebody I trust”, what’s your first question going to be?  “Gee, I wonder who that source is?”  Right?  Right.  Well, none of those media outlets that decided to report my story never tracked me down to start inquiring about my source.  Nope, a lone Youtuber did that.  Someone who doesn’t get paid to do that sort of legwork.  I understand that a rumor isn’t exactly the ‘break of the century’, but anyone who decided to report this thing and didn’t follow-up should be ashamed of themselves.  I said right in my report that my source was willing to vet themselves to credible media outlets… and yet not a one of those reporting sites even bothered.

But hey, that’s just the internet, I guess.

So, here’s my point:  It isn’t to just ramble and complain about how everything went down.  No, I wanted to use my experience these last few days to show you guys what some of these ‘journalists’ are all about.  Be careful who and what you’re reading out there, because you never know if what they’re reporting is the truth, or just some twisted nonsense that got lost in the translation a media driven ‘telephone game’.  And, when corrected, the fact that some of these places refused to even correct their information shows just how much they care about ‘the truth’ and ‘integrity’.

So, that’s my update for the evening.  Stay tuned, because I’m planning both pre and post E3 podcasts!




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