New Batman Game Still In Development, New Villain Expected


A few months ago, I reported that a new Batman game may be on the horizon.  I’ve been receiving some messages on Twitter as of late, from people who were wondering if I had additional information about the project.  Specifically, if I was even sure this was going to happen, since my source had revealed this project to me almost a year ago, and E3 has since come and gone with absolutely zero mention of this title (I never did say it was ready for any sort of reveal, though).  Batman VR is still set for release in the not-too-distant future, but that’s not what gamers REALLY want, right?  Right.  They want a new Batman adventure that echo, if not improve upon, the Arkham formula they’ve enjoyed over the last 7 years.

Well, I can confirm this game is still very real, and still very much in development.  And if it’s been in development over the last year without any negative change in trajectory, that’s very, very good news for fans of the franchise.  Of course, knowing the game is in development, while exciting, doesn’t exactly give fans anything to be TRULY excited about… not yet.  But, I think I’ve got just the thing to make you salivate.

But for those of you who aren’t up to speed, here’s what I had previously learned about this project:

The story will take place in the not too distant future, and the primary protagonist is actually Batman’s son.  The city is alleged to be bigger and more populated than ever, which should satisfy the primary complaints that even fans had against Arkham City and Arkham Knight.  The story won’t unfold in the span of a single night, which indicates there MAY be a day-to-night cycle.  It’s unknown if the Batmobile will be playable, but the Batcycle is supposed to be making an appearance as a mode of transportation.  Last but not least, you’ll have opportunities to upgrade the Batcave.

And now, I’ve received confirmation about one of the villains you’ll see in this game.  And it’s a big one, because we haven’t actually seen him appear in any of the prior Batman games.

Well, we TECHNICALLY saw him in Arkham City.

But, enough riddles.  Who’s one of the notable villains you’ll see this time around?

The Judge.

If you’re Batman illiterate, The Judge is the eventual third identity that Harvey Dent (otherwise known as Two-Face) develops.  It’s unknown how this character will be integrated into the game, but if it echoes the source material, he’ll be a vigilante who begins eliminating Gotham’s master criminals with a vengeance.

Keep an eye on this site.  I may have more information to report, as I’ve learned there are villains.  Numerous villains.  Interesting villains.  And you may learn more about them here…


8 responses to “New Batman Game Still In Development, New Villain Expected

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  2. I was wondering if there is any news of the Batman game you posted about a while back. I know you said to one commenter that people treated you unfairly, but have you contacted Gabriel for any other news/ rumours on the new Batman game?

    • That’d be awesome, if true. I want this game to be revealed as much as anyone. But this isn’t the first time it was rumored for a reveal, and if Jason Schreier’s ‘I heard it’s been rebooted’ info is accurate, I’m not sure they’d be able to show it off this soon. But then again, maybe ‘reboot’ could have meant change some things or improve some things and put the game back in the oven a while… maybe ‘reboot’ didn’t mean ‘scrap it and start over entirely’. We’ll see I guess.

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