First Time Out: Resident Evil VII

I had absolutely zero interest in playing this game.  A first person Resident Evil?  Pfft.  Get out of here.  To me, it just seemed like Capcom, who don’t really seem to know how to perform these days, were just trying to cash in on the P.T. demo craze.

Well, as I usually do after a game’s launch, I watched someone play the game for about 45 minutes… and to my surprise, it looked quite good.  So, here it is!  My first couple of hours with Resident Evil VII.  Enjoy!


Byte-Size Impressions: Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Part 2

My first time with Shadow of Mordor – at roughly an hour and a half of gameplay – was fun… but left me questioning if perhaps this game wasn’t worth the $60.  In this video, I finally get around to experiencing the Nemesis system, unlocking a level a of excitement that has me looking forward to the rest of the game.  I also experience and note some of the game’s technical issues.